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Dr. Betsy Halsey Philosophy

My Philosophy

We all have an inner core that has a will to embrace life and that knows what we need in order to grow.

The Therapeutic Relationship

The most important component for effective therapy is the therapeutic relationship. You need to feel safe with, connected to, and understood by your therapist. I bring my authentic self into my therapy practice.  The best way to determine if we are a good fit is by meeting, but you might be able to get a sense if you know a bit about my philosophy.

The Inner Core

I deeply believe that we all have an inner core that has a will to embrace life and that knows what we need in order to grow. Over the course of our lives, however, we have experiences that lead to the separation from our core selves and the truth of our being. Our experiences can leave us feeling lonely, insecure, and even hopeless.

Our Innate Wisdom

But deep inside, the drive to healing and wholeness remains, as does our innate wisdom regarding what is needed in order to heal and grow. While life experiences can block us from our inner wisdom and knowing, and even lead to disconnection from our own bodies and emotions, when we are open to going deeper, with help, we can clear the obstacles and experience transformations.

I strive to bring a compassionate, non-judgmental curiosity to my work with clients. I want to help you access whatever is at the source of your struggles and heal it. My favorite therapies are EMDR and CRM because both are inherently respectful of your own inner wisdom. I am a companion and guide in the therapeutic process as you journey through your life’s emotional work and break through whatever blocks have been holding you back.


In addition to bringing compassion and a spacious presence to our work together, I will also ask you questions that help you get in touch with your own truth. I bring a blend of both patience and challenge; at times I may prod you to keep going so that you don’t stop short of the miracle, but I always respect your free will and choice. I approach my practice with humility and moments of humor as well.

Empowering You

My philosophy enables me to work with people of any religious or spiritual orientation or heritage, even if you are atheist or agnostic. All that is needed on your part is openness to your own experience.


Therapeutic relationships are like any other relationships, and hence subject to misunderstandings, discomfort, or upset along the way. I just ask that you be honest with me about what is happening so that I can understand and we can work through it. Therapy is like a laboratory for your life at large; working through difficulties with me empowers you to do the same in other environments.


My only goal is to help you achieve your highest good, so if at any point either of us concludes we are not a good fit, I will do my best to help you find other therapeutic options.

May you begin your journey to your healing and wholeness, and may your transformations join others, creating the ripple effects to transform the world!

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